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Autumn Lawn Care

As summer dissolves into autumn and the evenings draw in, our gardens appear quieter, with diminished child’s play as children return back to school and BBQs are packed away. However, September is actually a great time for you to continue to enjoy your garden, and to roll up your sleeves and prepare your lawn for next year before the winter months set in.

The extra maintenance and nurturing now, will help restore your lawn back to full health, so that come next spring it will bounce back with vigour and strength.

We’ve prepared a few pointers to help you on your way. 


Remove fallen leaves and debris from your lawn so that light can still reach the grass evenly and doesn’t leave patches whilst still allowing the grass to breathe.

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Weeding & Moss Removal

Early autumn is a good time to get to grips with the weeds and removal of any seeds that have germinated. It’s also a preferred time for lawn treatments to prevent weeds from over wintering, or simply remove the weeds by hand if you only have a few problem areas (remember to get the roots though).

Cooler, wetter conditions can increase moss growth. It may be worth considering a moss treatment. Ideally, mow the lawn first, rake out the moss and then apply a moss killer to the remaining moss.  If you apply a moss killer wait a couple of weeks before raking out moss.

Raking and scarifying

Rake off (scarify) dead moss, old grass stems and any debris (thatch) vigorously to enable fertilisers to penetrate and for water to access the root system. If you need to apply chemical weed control do it at least a month or two before scarifying. Don’t apply any weed killer afterwards but wait until the following spring. 


Aerating your lawn will allow for better movement of air in the soil and root system, therefore good preparation now gives it a better chance of recovery in extreme conditions. You can hire a aerator or spike manually depending on the size of your lawn.

Remember to fertilise the lawn after aerating to produce deeper rooting.


It’s also a perfect time to add fertiliser to your lawn in September and October. Autumn fertilisers are high in potash and phosphates, enabling recovery from the summer’s heat and protection from disease and the harsh winter conditions ahead. It also ensures your lawn remains a beautiful healthy green.

Warmth, moisture and fertiliser allows the grass to recover, so September really is the optimal time for maintenance. For treatments to take effect it’s good to start before temperatures dip and growth stops.

Over- seeding

The soil is still warm in September so this is a perfect time to sow new seed and perk up a tired or damaged lawn. Wetter months are ideal conditions for seeds to germinate. But do be prepared to water them if the weather turns dry and keep off the area until they have established. Ideally, prepare the area first by mowing and raking to give the seeds a better chance of taking root.

It’s important to fertilise and over-seed your lawn after raking or scarifying. If you don’t you’ll risk a slow recovery and patchy lawn with lots of weeds. So it really does pay to invest in your lawn in the autumn.


Mowing can continue weekly as the levels of moisture continue to keep grass at it’s best. When the temperature cools and the growth rate decreases raise your mowing height on your mower a couple of settings at least until spring time. The last cut will probably be between October and November.

And finally, to Turf

This is the optimal time of year to lay turf. It has the best chance to establish quicker as the soil is still warm enough to stimulate root growth, and the summer heat has gone so the autumn rains don’t have chance to evaporate, providing much needed hydration.  From October onwards the speed of growth will slow down, but don’t let that discourage you: lawns can be ready for use within 4 weeks, that’s the beauty of autumn.  As the winter sets in you will be reassured that your new lawn is nicely established and it can go to sleep whilst nature takes its course, ready to be woken anew in the spring.

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