Frequently asked questions

We’re here to help. If we have not answered your question below, please contact us on 01392 231040

Frequently asked questions

We’re here to help. If we have not answered your question below, please contact us on 01392 231040

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver across the South West and sometime beyond. Please call us on 01392 231040 if you require a delivery outside of the South West.

What days do you deliver?

We currently deliver Monday – Friday.

How much notice do you need for delivery?

It will depend on factors such as where, how much, how busy we are and the weather. We normally say all deliveries are within a week of ordering but very local addresses should be within a day or 2. We have some regular routes, such as Barnstaple on a Thursday. Call us on 01392 231040 if you would like to discuss specific delivery dates.

Do you supply golf green turf?

Greens turf is a very fine variety which we can source, but we do not grow it ourselves. However our own turf is suitable for golf tees sometimes, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

When is my turf cut?

At HCT Turf we harvest our turf either on the day of delivery or the day before.

How is my turf delivered?

We deliver our turf with our 2 lorries. We also arrange extra external hauliers as needed.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

20sqm is our minimum for local deliveries. Further afield we may impose higher minimums. If you require less please try the garden centres that we supply (Click to view our local stockists). When the garden centres stop stocking turf (Christmas and high summer) we try to accommodate smaller orders. Please contact us for more details.

Who do you supply to?

We supply to landscapers, developers, golf courses, holiday parks, hotels, parks, councils, and of course domestic clients too.  If you require turf please get in touch with us here.

Do you lay turf too?

Yes, we work with a handful of professional and reliable landscape gardeners and contractors whom we can recommend to carry out both hard and soft landscaping work on large or small sites, and who will be happy to provide you with a quotation free of charge. Click here to find out more.

What are the weight of the turf rolls?

15-18kg per square metre roll depending on moisture content.

How long should I wait before walking on freshly laid turf?

Keep off it for 2-3 weeks in the summer, longer in the winter, but if you need to walk over it during that time make sure you don’t leave any footmarks.

How soon after laying new turf should I mow my lawn?

Once you can no longer lift up the corner of a turf it has grown in and it’s ok to give its first haircut. The general rule is only ever cut off one third of the length. So if it’s growing very fast you will need to be patient and take a few mows to get it down to the length you want it. Leave 7 days between each cut. By doing this you’ll avoid the grass looking yellow. Click here to read our after care guide.

How long will my turf take to establish?

This depends on the time of year and how you care for your turf. However, as a general rule turf takes about 2 weeks to root –you can check this by turning a corner up and you will see the root growth (it’s advisable to check more than one corner as this can vary), once the corners can no longer be turned it should be at a point with which to mow and use. Click here to read our after care guide.

How long after delivery can I leave my turf rolled up before laying?

During the spring and summer it is ideal to lay turf on the day of delivery. If this is not possible, unroll the turf in a holding area and water regularly. Autumn time turf should be laid within 36 hours, and in winter ideally within 48 hours.

Can I lay turf in the winter?

YES. Winter is actually quite a good time to lay turf as it gives the turf time to settle in and take a firm root. Turf is very resilient, frost and snow is unlikely to do any damage, just ensure the ground isn’t frozen when you lay the turf.

When is the best time of year to lay turf?

Turf can be laid all year round, but the autumn months are best. However spring and summer is the most popular time as that’s when people want to use their gardens.

When is the best time to over-seed my lawn?

April to September would be ideal.

How much soil do I need to lay my turf onto?

Turf requires 4 inches of topsoil with a further sub soil (lower layer) of the same depth. This is required for the turf to establish a good root system and to retain moisture and nutrients. The soil needs to be able to drain, so any impermeable material (i.e. rubble or concrete) needs to be removed or broken up. Find out more about top soil here.

How do I care for a shaded area of turf in my garden?

Depending how shaded your turf is will depend how much work you need to put in to keep your lawn looking tip top. If you can remove the cause of shade this will of course help massively. If it’s overhanging branches or large bushes, pruning and tree thinning may help. If this is not possible, try to reduce the amount of traffic in the shaded area as the turf will have become weakened by being in the shade.

If your turf is in moderate shade, mow to a height of no less than 4cm to ensure you don’t remove the green, active part of the plant, and only mow when necessary to reduce stress on the turf. Also fertilise well. However, much like a carpet in a bathroom, it will eventually thin and need to be replaced or re-sown.

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