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Is turf affected by the cold weather? How does snow and frost affect turf?

We’ve been asked a few of these question this week with the weather taking a turn for the worse. Just as we were beginning to look forward to the spring a blast of Siberian weather has arrived. But fear not, it’s not all bad news. The cold snap shouldn’t affect the harvesting and supply of our turf, unless the ground is frozen, and usually we can harvest in the afternoon following a frost. And as long as the roads remain clear we can still deliver as usual.

lay turf winter frost

Laying turf in the winter

Generally the cold weather won’t affect laying turf either. Winter is actually a great time to lay turf as it gives the turf time to settle and root before the summer months when you‘ll be wanting to use the lawn more often. It will actually be easier to manage; it will require much less maintenance and watering (no long hot sunny days to worry about … ah, wishful thinking!).

Can I lay turf when the ground is frozen?

Laying turf onto frozen ground is not advised, however if you have already received your turf and the rolls have frozen, simply wait until they thaw and then lay.

What if I’ve just laid new turf and the frost comes?

If you’ve recently laid new turf, the frost won’t cause any long-term damage either, just follow our tips below to ensure it stays in tiptop condition.

How can I take extra care of my lawn in the frost and snow?

As snow and frost won’t really do any damage to your lawn, there isn’t really too much to worry about. However keeping off the grass when it is frosty or frozen can help to reduce ugly footprint forms in the lawn, but rest assured they’ll not cause long term damage – grass is pretty hard wearing! Any scorch marks will then grow out of the grass in the spring.

When it comes to snow, prolonged compacted snow cover can cause an outbreak of snow mould (small circles of straw coloured spots in the grass).  To reduce the chance of snow mould damage we’d advise you to avoid throwing snow on the lawn from paths and driveways, and, as much as we don’t want to spoil the kids fun, remove snowmen when they are finished with (shh … don’t tell the children we said that).

Obviously, this is not the time to be mowing or applying any fertilisers or weed killers either. The grass needs to be growing rather than dormant for them to work.

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