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Moles can create quite a big problem in lawns and gardens, and of course their mole hills are much more visible than some of the smaller pests we get in our gardens.  But how can you get rid of these furry little creatures, especially when you have just invested in top quality turf?

Mole lawn damage often happens in the spring and early summer as this is when the animals are closer to the surface. In the summer they tend to be deeper underground.     

How do I get rid of moles, humanely?Mole Traps

Humane traps work by letting a mole into the plastic tunnel via doors that close behind the mole and traps it. Then simply remove the trapped mole as far away as you can to a new location where it can happily continue doing what it is designed to do.

You’ll also need to ensure you check these traps at least every day as moles feed regularly and will starve quickly. TV gardener Toby Buckland recommends washing your trap in soapy water to remove the scent of humans (moles are clever little animals and won’t go near anything that smells of humans). Place the primed trap in the run, which often appears as raised tunnels between the hills. Bury the trap with grass and then cover with a plant pot to avoid pets and visitors setting off the trap.

However, if you have a dog that digs you might wish to avoid traps altogether!


Mole Repellents

Alternatively you can use materials which the mole finds offensive.

Try putting something down the tunnel that smells bad and is preferably biodegradable. Try a pickled egg down the mole hole, human hair, very old cheese, sour milk or even garlic can also be effective deterrents.

If you are not keen on any of these, you can buy natural mole deterrent bulbs. Simply plant them in your garden and they secrete a smell which is almost undetectable for humans but moles can’t stand.

If this is not for you, you could try a solar mole repeller. They create a low-frequency vibration in the soil that spreads out within the target area. Such vibrations aim to mimic the sound created by another animal digging – such as a predator or a competing mole. Moles are generally solitary animals with their own territory. Just push the devices into your lawn and leave them – it’s that easy. 

Happy mole hunting!

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