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Waving goodbye to winter brings renewed hope and energy to gardeners and a sense of purpose and positivity. Spring brings with it new buds, new growth and the impetus to be outside.

One of the main focal points to notice after the long winter months will be the condition of your lawn (See our lawn care tips for spring time). Or for those gardeners considering new projects it might be time to lay turf.

is spring the best time of year to lay turf lawn

Is spring the best time to lay turf?

Turf is one of the most under-estimated aspects of any garden, and with spring fast approaching, most think this is the best (and only time) to lay turf. Yet turf can be laid any time of year. We think autumn is the optimal time, but laying turf in spring is absolutely fine and can transform any sized project instantly.

With the promise of lazy summer days, entertaining on the lawn, and perhaps a spot of croquet, gardens will need to look their best. For some, spring is therefore seen as the most convenient time to lay down a new lawn.

What are the advantages of laying turf in spring?

Conditions in spring time are very favourable. As you are working with nature, days are generally milder and longer, rainfall is gentle, providing appropriate irrigation and moisture for root growth to establish at a faster rate.

The temperature of the soil is warmer in spring, giving plants the ability to put down roots for immediate growth. The soil will also be much easier to work with.

If soil quality is poor it’s important to use a pre-turfing fertiliser before turf is laid. Your local garden centre will be able to recommend a suitable product.

The disadvantages of laying turf in spring

Turf laid in the spring will need extra watering, especially during extreme dry spells during the summer. Dry soil may stress the turf and delay rooting. For large areas make sure you have arranged irrigation or consider whether you can delay your turf project until the autumn. Small areas are easier to manage with a sprinkler.

There may be a shortage of turf during the spring months at garden centres as supplies run dry due to popularity. But don’t let that deter you, we are on hand to advise where and when you can find stocks of our turf, and of course we are here to supply too.

Care guide when laying turf

Turf provides an instant lawn effect but it is important to prepare the soil well before laying, as you would grass seed. (See our guide to preparing your soil for turf).

Don’t be tempted to mow your grass before it is fully rooted as this stresses turf and may delay rooting.

We advise you to lay turf on the day of delivery during the spring. If this is not possible, we recommend you unroll the turf in a holding area and water it regularly.

Do not under-water your newly laid turf, as this may result in shallow rooting. The water applied needs to be sufficient to penetrate and soak the soil underneath the turf in order to encourage the news roots downwards. There is no need to feed it for the first 3-6 months as it arrives fully fertilised.

In order for your new turf to settle in stay off it, ideally for at least 3-4 weeks, to enable it to establish and really set down its roots, so it can become a thing of beauty throughout the summer months and beyond.


  • Conditions for laying turf in spring are favourable, warm and wet
  • When laying turf in spring plan how you will keep it watered including for that first summer
  • Do not mow or run around on the new turf for the first 3-4 weeks


We supply quality turf all year round. If you would like further advice on lawn care this spring or would like to talk to us about your order, please contact us on 01392 231040 or email sales@wesellturf.com