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Are you looking to sell your home? Did you know having the perfect lawn can help?

According to the National Association of Estate Agents a well-maintained garden can boost the value of a house by up to 10 percent. After all the garden is an extension of your living space, so investing time in making your garden look its best is a wise move for any home owner.

The front garden and exterior of the house will form the vital first impression for viewers. Within minutes of arriving at your home, they will have made some sort of opinion and decision. An unkempt, patchy and tired looking lawn can instantly leave a negative impression.

Simon Cooper, partner at Stags, the region’s leading estate agent says, “Present the property as best you can: first impressions are so important. The outside space is crucial to this. If you get it right potential buyers will leave with good, lasting impressions.”

A tidy, low-maintenance garden with enough space, will have the widest appeal to potential buyers. Even just mowing the grass will have great visual impact on the overall appearance. It’s important to think of your garden as another room of the house with the lawn as the carpet.

We have a few simple tips to ensure your lawn looks in tip-top condition when potential buyers come to view your property:


To establish lawn health, spring is one of the optimal times to feed your lawn. To help prevent weeds and moss forming, feed with an all-in one feed, weed and moss killer up to 6 times a year (but especially in the spring and autumn). If you are an organic gardener a daisy grubber can lift out the weeds and feed the lawn with a mixture of blood, bone and fishmeal.


To give the illusion of space: extend the lawn by grassing over any unwanted flower beds; narrow the borders and trim back any over-flowing plants to open up the space.  It also enables the garden to be easier to care for and has the potential to be more adaptable to the new buyer’s needs.

selling your house the perfect lawn



Keep the lawn in shape by regular mowing. It doesn’t just cosmetically alter the appearance of your garden but it keeps it healthy and removes any pests and potential diseases.

In the spring and summer months, it’s a good idea to mow your lawn just before the viewers arrive. It will help draw attention to it and the smell of fresh cut grass might just woo them over.

So, where possible, between April and September, mow the lawn every seven days or so.

And if you really want to go the extra mile, to get those quintessential lawn stripes you’ll need a rear roller on the back of your mower.


Clear any fallen leaves from the lawn in the autumn and winter. Raking allows lawns to breathe, prevents grass damage, pests and disease. Autumn is also the ideal time of year to attack any moss growing in your lawn before it takes hold in the winter months.

Investing time in your lawn will not only make it easier to maintain and be cost-effective in the long run it will be more aesthetically pleasing for you and any potential buyers.  What bigger return could there be? An eye-catching, lush, healthy green attractive lawn will pay dividends.


  • When selling your home, think of your lawn as an extension of the internal space, ensure it looks neat and tidy.
  • Low maintenance lawns offer the widest appeal – keep it simple!
  • Feed and water your lawn to keep it in the best condition during the spring and summer
  • Mow your lawn just before potential buyers come to view your property

If you would like more advice about selling your property please visit Stags.

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