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When you order your turf we need to know the dimensions of the area and your location so we can give you a quote. If this is the first time you’ve bought turf some of the following information could be helpful for you.

We now cut turf in square metre rolls. But we can work out your turf requirements whether you have measured in metres or yards and feet without any difficulty.

If your patch is square or rectangular it is a simple matter of length x width. If some of the edges of your area are a bit wiggly or slightly slanted the best approach is to “square-off” the measurements you take. That way you will certainly cover the area with just a small amount of wastage where the edge falls inside the rectangle.

Tricky shapes can be hard to estimate and inevitably you could end up ordering too few or too many turf. We will do all we can to help you get it as near as possible but please be aware that we cannot take back any turf which you have surplus. If you find you have spare rolls you could see if a neighbour could use it. Or if you unroll the turf and keep it watered, even just left on concrete the grass will remain healthy and reusable for as long as 2 weeks.

If you use up all the rolls you ordered and find you need just a few more this may be less than our minimum order quantity. However for small quantities you can go to the garden centres we supply and collect some. Please contact us so we can tell you the nearest to you and when they will have a fresh supply. Or you can see their phone numbers on our “Garden Centres” page.

For awkward shapes there are some approaches that we suggest. Where it is quite a large area and very hard to calculate, for example due to lots of curved edges, for which there isn’t really a means of calculating, you could under-order and focus on laying the most wiggly parts first. This hopefully leaves you with the final part which is easier for you to measure.

We are also happy to have a look at your sketch or detailed plan to see if we can work it out for you. You can send this to us by fax or email, or call in to the office with it. There is no charge for any of this help with ordering but unfortunately we cannot visit your site to measure. The exception to this would be if you ask us to arrange a laying service for you.

Whatever your requirements we will always advise you what different options we can identify, what the cost and other implications are and try to help with your decision.