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Toadstools in lawn HCT TurfSometimes toadstools or mushrooms will suddenly appear in lawns. They are nothing to worry about. They spring up when conditions are just right for the spores to grow, the right moisture and temperature. And they disappear again within a few days just as quickly.

People often ask us what to do with them, why they have appeared and whether they are harmful to the lawn, children or pets.

There’s no need to do anything with them. But you can just brush them away if you would like them gone. Whether you remove them or not, won’t make any difference to whether they spread as spores from toadstools exist in the air all the time anyway.

The majority of toadstools are not poisonous, but animals are very unlikely to eat anything which is.

Of the thousands of different types, only two main fungi could do actual damage to gardens. The rest of them will not cause any deterioration to lawns. The two to beware of are Armillaria (honey fungus) and Marasmius (a type of fairy ring). Other types of fairy ring are not harmful.

See the RHS website advice for how to identify and deal with these two specific fungi:



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