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Winter is one of the quietest times for your lawn, you can now breathe a sigh of relief after all the hard work maintaining it throughout the summer and autumn months. You will be pleased to know you only need to carry out a few tasks before hunkering down and hibernating enjoying all things warm and cosy indoors.

What’s left to do for your lawn in winter?

It’s all about stopping after all, so try not to walk on wet grass as your footprints in soft soil will leave a bumpy surface. But it’s not a big deal if you do.

But before you stop completely remove any final fallen leaves which can rot down and smother healthy grass. Look out for any last remaining areas of maintenance. Do you have any puddles forming?  This may mean you have poor drainage or compaction and will need to look at aeration in the spring, but if you want to get out and put air back into the soil it’s perfectly fine to do it during the winter months.

Don’t despair if your lawn does become water-logged during the winter, you may need to over-seed in the spring. A relatively simple and easy step.

You might want to move any garden furniture to stop it from winter damage and also give the lawn a chance to recover from it’s weight.

Mowing will have almost certainly have come to a halt for some, however, venturing out once a month is a good idea, but avoid mowing if the lawn is too wet.

All applications of fertilisers and weed killers will have to wait until the spring when the grass is growing.

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If frost or snow is likely

The great news is that frost and snow don’t really do any damage to your lawn. Damage can occur when there is movement across it, so it is advisable to try and stay off your lawn to reduce footprints in your grass when it is frosty, frozen or after a heavy snowfall. But thankfully there won’t be any long-term damage, grass is surprisingly resilient and any scorch marks will grow out by spring. So don’t be put off building that snowman when the snow comes!

Laying new turf

It may come as a surprise to know that is perfectly fine to lay turf during the winter months, it really is very resilient. Frost and snow will not do any damage. Winter is actually quite a good time to lay turf as it gives the turf time to settle in and take a firm root. It might be worth noting that turf maybe more difficult to locate in garden centres, during the run up to Christmas, but it will be available to order from us by phone any time. (Click here for more information on laying turf in winter.)

With your feet firmly up, and with that log fire burning, it’s the ideal time to draw up a spring time maintenance plan and get your garden tools in working order (maybe even ask Father Christmas for some new ones) and don’t forget to include any mower repairs, so that by the time spring is on the horizon you will be lawn ready.

If you would like any further advice on winter lawn care or would like to talk to us about your order, please contact us on 01392 231040 or email sales@wesellturf.com