Turf aftercare

Turf aftercare

Newly laid lawn

After laying turf avoid vigorous use to allow it a chance to put down its new roots. This will take 2 to 4 weeks depending on the time of year. It grows a lot slower in the winter. During that time we would advise you to only walk very carefully on it, do not mow it and make sure it has plenty of water. It is easy to underwater but difficult to over water.

Once you can no longer lift up the corner of a turf it has grown in and it’s ok to give its first haircut. The general rule is only ever cut off one third of the length. So if it’s growing very fast you will need to be patient and take a few mows to get it down to the length you want it. Leave 7 days between each cut. By doing this you’ll avoid the grass looking yellow.


Once your new lawn has settled in, you can expect to be mowing it once or twice a week from April to October. It’s very much dependent on how cold the winter is but it’s not likely to need any mowing December to February.


We treat all our turf with fertilisers and nutrients to make it healthy. To keep your lawn at its best we recommend a weed and feed type treatment each spring and autumn which garden centres can supply. Leatherjackets, which are the young larvae of cranefly or daddy long legs, can also be a problem. Please see our separate post on Leatherjackets.

Lawn care, like everything, is something which you could make into a full time job if you have the time and inclination. Other jobs which keep a lawn at its best include scarifying, aerating etc. Refer also to our seasonal advice on lawn care in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

We supply quality turf all year round. If you would like any further advice on lawn care or would like to talk to us about your order, please contact us on 01392 231040 or email sales@wesellturf.com

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